Destination Wedding: Tips when Packing your Wedding Dress

packing-your-wedding-dressDestination weddings means a lot of logistics issues for the couple and for the guests. Focusing on the bride’s tons of worries, packing the wedding dress and bringing it to a far off place can be quite cumbersome. Do not stress! Here are some tips to cross that out of your worries:

Ask your designer to use a travel-friendly fabric

Work closely with your designer to make him or her understand what you want for your wedding. Consider the climate and the traveling that you need to do. The best fabrics will lace, chiffon, and silk charmeuse that are all comfortable and lightweight.

Ask your bridal salon

Maybe all you need to do is ask your bridal salon and they can pack it ready for you. They know where to place inserts so the wedding gown will not be deformed during your transit.


If you need to stuff the bodice of the gown, make sure you use acid-free materials. Make sure you also put enough materials in between every layer or fold. Use white tissues paper when you have a white dress and go a shade lighter if you are packing a colored gown. Enclose your wedding gown in dry-cleaner plastic bags for added protection before placing it in your garment bag.

Hand carry it

You do not want to be at your destination while your dress is somewhere lost on the other side of the continent or planet. Carry the wedding gown onto the plane with you. You can contact your airline and request if you can put it in a closet in flight or if you got no choice, lay it flat in the overhead bin.

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Destination Weddings: Tips for your Greece Wedding and Honeymoon

Santorini-GreeceIf you see a postcard of blue roofs, white-washed structures, and blue waters, you know it is in Greece. There is more to Greece than Santorini though so couples planning head to Greece to exchange their vows has a plethora of choices.

Wedding Requirements

You can pick from the old town halls and historic churches if you do not want to deal with the hoards of tourists in Santorini. By the way, do not be alarmed if you will be hearing honking horns as you pass by. It is a way of the locals to wish you well in your married life. Make sure you contact your embassy before heading to Greece. Generally, those who want to get married will need their birth certificates, proof that they are eligible to marry, and copies of your passports. You also need your documents translated to Greek and send them in around three weeks before the wedding ceremonies.

Best destinations in Greece

Athens Most of the flights you can take will land in Athens, the capital of Greece. Here you can checkout the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and other famous tourist destinations. You can also head to Kolonai, the fashion mecca of Greece, in case you want to treat your bride with an early session of retail therapy. Greek Islands and Santorini After the wedding, you enjoy the beauty of the Cyclades islands. It is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports like windsurfing and waterskiing. Santorini is among the most famous place to go to. Here you can enjoy the view, the breeze, and the local food and wine. If you want to get away from the crowd, head to Dodecanese islands. Delphi This ancient place has been tagged by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site. It is situated on Mount Parnassos, a place rich in legends and mythologies.

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Destination Weddings: A guide to your Croatia wedding

destination-weddingCroatia has very wonderful geography. It lies just across Italy, has the Adriatic Sea off its coast, and the eastern Alps nearby. The scenery is nothing but marvelous. The dreamy landscape offers a postcard perfect wedding destination.

Wedding requirements

Getting married in Croatia is just like marrying in other foreign countries. You will be asked for valid passports, copies of your birth certificates, and other documentations translated into Croatian. You also need to present proof that you have never been married before or at least your previous marriage has been dissolved. You may also need a translator for the wedding ceremonies.

Things to do

Dubrovnik is not called the Pearl of the Adriatic for nothing. It is among the most beautiful cities in Croatia among other heritage sites. The Old City has a lot of restaurants, ice cream shops, wine bars, and boutiques.

The nine hundred year old capital of Croatia has a baroque ambience at its Upper Town and a more modern feel of the Lower Town. In this central region, the Cathedral of the Assumption is among the best place for a church wedding.

Croatians also love excellent wine. The country has about three hundred wine regions that produces the nicest reds and whites. You can pair these wines with the local cuisines mostly made off grilled seafoods, cheese, meatballs, kebabs, and olives.

If you love to see good architecture and a good chunk of history, you can head to the towns of Pula, Porec, and Rovinj. The tall campanile in the harbor of Rovinj is quite colorful and really photogenic. The surroundings of Porec seems like Venice while Pula has a Roman-like coliseum. You can also go to Hum, the smallest town with only 23 people living in it.

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Destination wedding planning: 7 ways to make most of your wedding budget

As you go thru wedding planning, you might have to deal with the worries and anxiety of how you can make most of your available wedding budget. We listed down some tips on how you can stretch your budget without sacrificing class and style:

Picking a destination

Fly direct. Try to look for destinations which is just a flight away from home. This way you can book cheaper flights and avoid travel hassles like losing luggage because of connecting flights. This will also be easier for your guests.

Stay domestic. Destination weddings does not need to be in another country. If you want to be more practical, stay local. You can avoid dealing with exchange rates and other foreign fees. Research for a memorable location for you and your partner or pick a destination which you want to share with your family and friends on your special day.

Check the resources. Pick a wedding destination which has a good amount of resources. By that we mean local florists, local bands, and good beauty salons. Do some scouting and pay the potential suppliers a visit and see how they can fit into your wedding plans.

Selecting the wedding venue

The View. If you want a destination wedding that will never be forgotten by the attendees, pick a venue with a great view. The great view will save you a lot of money since you do not need to put tons of flowers, lighting, fabrics and the work just to spruce it up.

Public. Save a lot of money by booking a public place like a beach which comes with a beautiful landscape without the hefty tag price of a private island or exclusive resort.

Wedding planner

Package deal. Inquire if your wedding venue comes with a wedding onside coordinator or planner. Most likely the price will be included or you just need to add a little amount.

Ask for experienced planners. It will be great if you can find a wedding planner who has worked in your chosen wedding venue or destination. This means he or she might have supplier contacts and have a ton of suggestions for you too.

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Top wedding destinations in Spain

There is more to Spain that running the bulls. It has countless museums, majestic cathedrals, beaches, and hills. The meals are served in big portions and you have to get used to siestas. Spain also has a lot of places for those who are looking to get married. It boasts of magnificent palaces, chapels, gardens, estates, and beaches.

Here are some great Spain wedding destinations:


It is one of the party havens of the world and guarantees exciting night life if you are looking to enjoy some drinks while dancing with the sound of live jazz, house music, or underground trance.  It has a lot of coves and beaches in case you are not in a partying mood. You may also spot some of the rich and famous personalities that frequent Ibiza.


Your Madrid holiday will not be complete without browsing to the great works at the museums along the Avenue of Art. Tour the Thyssen, Reina Sofia, and the Prado to see the works of maestros like Goya and Velazquez.

Costa del Sol

If you want the off the beaten path kind of travel, head to Costa del Sol for its white sand beaches and Mediterranean waters. It might be a bit crowded during the peak season so if you want something quiet head to Costa Verde where you bike, hike, swim, and sun bath.

Wedding Requirements

Expect around forty five days before you can complete the paperwork. Prior to travel you may want to consult your embassy for specific requirements which will be asked for you since the regions in Spain have different wedding requirements.

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Destination Wedding in Scotland Apparel for Men

Men typically wore kilts in Scotland so the traditional wedding garb is a wool kilt with argyle jacket. Proper knee-length socks accessorized with tartan or solid colored kilt flashes, kilt pins, leather sporrans, head tams, and swords or daggers called “Sgian Dhub” will complete the full ensemble.

Kilt flashes are the pieces of kilt material that one sees attached to the stockings. The socks are turned down at the top and the flashes hang below matching the tartan exactly or complementing the kilt tartan with a solid color. The sporran is the pouch that is worn on the front of the kilt.

In addition, the men may also choose colored waistcoats that are vests worn under their jackets making the suit more formal. Cufflinks in tartan motif and colors, or thistles of gold or silver are appropriate for closing the cuffs of the white shirts. Male children in the wedding party will look just as traditional in their lace-up-the-front shirts, wool tartan trousers or kilts, and tartan shoes.

Scotland is a great country when it comes to wedding apparel for the groom and his groomsmen!

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Wedding in Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the oldest capital in Scandinavia. Old Oslo was founded by King Harald Hardrad in 1949. It was destroyed several times by fire. It was rebuilt by King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway in the first half of the seventeenth century. The king renamed the city as Christiania after his own name. This city started developing as a center of culture and commerce again. In 1878 the place was renamed Kristiania. The original name Oslo was restored in 1925.

Norway is a very beautiful country. It is the destination for many travelers. They enjoy skiing during winter. The visitors enjoy the majestic mountains and breathtaking waterfalls.

Oslo is a fine place to celebrate your wedding. Music and dancing make an important part of a Norwegian wedding. Colorful folk costumes are worn at the weddings. Branches of birch trees are used for decoration. They add flavor to the celebration.

There is archaeological evidence which testify to the existence of Christianity on the land a thousand years ago.

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The Best Honeymoon Hotels in Venice, Italy

In Venice, Italy there are many hotels suitable for a honeymooning couple. They are really luxury dwelling places for short visits.

We’ve listed the best honeymoon hotels in Venice

Baurer Il Palazzo is one such place. This hotel is situated on the banks of the Grand Canal. It is an old beautiful building of Gothic architecture. It has got its own landing for gondolas and water taxis. The hotel is very near the city’s best shopping area.

Baurer Il Palazzo

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Wedding in Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the largest island in Europe. Palermo is the capital of Sicily. Sicily is a very romantic place to have your wedding there. The laws of the land also permit you for an easy marriage. There is no residency requirement for outsiders to get a marriage license. There is no waiting period. First you have to conduct a civil ceremony. That is generally performed by the mayor of the town.

Then you can have your religious wedding in one of the hundreds of fabulous Catholic Churches across the island. If you want your destination wedding conducted in a centuries old ancient church you can have your wish fulfilled. The island has plenty of them. Protestant weddings can also be held at any of the old castles, ancient relics or even on a yacht.

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Wedding in London, England

London is an ideal location for a wedding. It is easy to reach from east coast because you only cross the Atlantic. London’s parks, old buildings, pubs and its history itself are sufficient reasons to have your most important event to take place there.

There are plenty of venues available in London to conduct a wedding. Some of locations available are Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, Kingston, Fulham Palace, Fulham, Hendon Hall Hotel, Hendon and Holiday Inn London Chessington, Chessington are only some of them. Hampton Court Palace Golf Club has got a Royal background. It is a stylish place where the package includes a wedding breakfast. Fulham Palace is one of the nicest places for a wedding. Hendon Hall Hotel has an excellent surrounding for a romantic marriage. The Holiday Inn London Chessington is a very popular venue for weddings.

wedding london

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