Destination Wedding in Scotland Apparel for Men

Men typically wore kilts in Scotland so the traditional wedding garb is a wool kilt with argyle jacket. Proper knee-length socks accessorized with tartan or solid colored kilt flashes, kilt pins, leather sporrans, head tams, and swords or daggers called “Sgian Dhub” will complete the full ensemble.

Kilt flashes are the pieces of kilt material that one sees attached to the stockings. The socks are turned down at the top and the flashes hang below matching the tartan exactly or complementing the kilt tartan with a solid color. The sporran is the pouch that is worn on the front of the kilt.

In addition, the men may also choose colored waistcoats that are vests worn under their jackets making the suit more formal. Cufflinks in tartan motif and colors, or thistles of gold or silver are appropriate for closing the cuffs of the white shirts. Male children in the wedding party will look just as traditional in their lace-up-the-front shirts, wool tartan trousers or kilts, and tartan shoes.

Scotland is a great country when it comes to wedding apparel for the groom and his groomsmen!

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