Destination wedding planning: 7 ways to make most of your wedding budget

As you go thru wedding planning, you might have to deal with the worries and anxiety of how you can make most of your available wedding budget. We listed down some tips on how you can stretch your budget without sacrificing class and style:

Picking a destination

Fly direct. Try to look for destinations which is just a flight away from home. This way you can book cheaper flights and avoid travel hassles like losing luggage because of connecting flights. This will also be easier for your guests.

Stay domestic. Destination weddings does not need to be in another country. If you want to be more practical, stay local. You can avoid dealing with exchange rates and other foreign fees. Research for a memorable location for you and your partner or pick a destination which you want to share with your family and friends on your special day.

Check the resources. Pick a wedding destination which has a good amount of resources. By that we mean local florists, local bands, and good beauty salons. Do some scouting and pay the potential suppliers a visit and see how they can fit into your wedding plans.

Selecting the wedding venue

The View. If you want a destination wedding that will never be forgotten by the attendees, pick a venue with a great view. The great view will save you a lot of money since you do not need to put tons of flowers, lighting, fabrics and the work just to spruce it up.

Public. Save a lot of money by booking a public place like a beach which comes with a beautiful landscape without the hefty tag price of a private island or exclusive resort.

Wedding planner

Package deal. Inquire if your wedding venue comes with a wedding onside coordinator or planner. Most likely the price will be included or you just need to add a little amount.

Ask for experienced planners. It will be great if you can find a wedding planner who has worked in your chosen wedding venue or destination. This means he or she might have supplier contacts and have a ton of suggestions for you too.

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